1505015_586170244800464_704189782_nIt is such a blessing to be able to get out and provide training that generates results as soon as the attendee returns to the field. We know that research specifically identifies that employees that receive refresher training in interviewing are significantly more effective than their peers at execution and results in interviewing. Even more exciting is when I hear back from students regarding interviews done upon return to their jobs where they applied newly learned concepts and enjoyed success and results. The new techniques they develop are great, but the confidence built is even more important. That confidence will help them to execute at a higher level in future interviews, and this process just builds more success. For us at Anderson Investigative Associates this is a true measure of success; teaching ethical and quality interviewing techniques, and seeing them applied in the field with the resulting growth in competence and confidence of those attendees.

These are the types of comments that are a joy to receive:

“Good morning,

I hope all things are well with you.

I’m emailing to follow up to provide an update on my case as discussed during training.  Soon after I got back, I was able to apply a lot of what I learned at training in Norfolk to interview the defendant. This is the case where the defendant physically abused by smacking, dragging and other abusive acts against a vulnerable adult.  Initially, she denied it and kept denying until I saw a point where she began getting nervous and emotional.  The interview started off with me giving her the opportunity to tell me her version and when I realized that it wasn’t anywhere near what I’d viewed on the video, the question was “why did you” and not “did you.”  The interview lasted for 1.5 hours.  Finally, when I saw her “tearing up”, I used the method of touching her knee at which point – the flood gates opened. I focused a lot on her religion because she often referred to God giving her strength while being interviewed.  I also focused on her family by asking how does she think they would feel about what she did, or better yet, how would she feel if a family member was treated as such.  Fast forward, the interview was recorded, I asked her some of the preliminary questions you provided in training (how much sleep have you had in the last 24 hours, are you under a physician’s care, etc.).  I also had her write a written statement in addition to the audio confession.

As you might imagine, I was stoked!!!!!!  Immediately thereafter,   I prepared the arrest warrant which took a while for the AUSA to sign because of her heavy caseload.  She signed the arrest warrant on a Thursday by Friday morning (@5am) the defendant was arrested.  Surprised of course, the defendant asked “why am I being arrested.”  She plead not guilty and her first appearance is next month.

It’s because of your expertise, knowledge, and willingness to provide your time and answer all my questions that I was able to apply effective techniques that I will forever use. THANK YOU!!!!!

 Forever grateful,

 Thank you,”