November 2, 2016

Mark Anderson is a vibrant, entertaining, engaging and knowledgeable speaker. The Jacksonville ACFE has had Mark speak at many of our engagements over the past few years. His style which includes stories, videos and audio clips to demonstrate points keeps the audience involved and leaves them wanting more no matter the length of the event. Feedback from past attendees regarding Mark’s specific participation in our events include:

  • Engaging. Masterful: Knows the material inside out, speaks like you’re not an audience but a friend but tends to use the same materials for “different’ presentations. Obviously loves doing this work and likes being around people.
  • We should get him again, and encourage the IIA to do the same.
  • Best ever
  • Excellent

Personally, I have learned a lot from Mark whether it applies to my family or work life. Mark is good person who enjoys people and it is always a pleasure when we get to spend time with him.

I highly recommend Mark for your next training event as a keynote, all-day or just to fill an hour or so. He will not disappoint!