One of the qualities of Anderson Investigative Associates (AIA), and the difference from other organizations, is our willingness to custom fit our training opportunities to your organization’s needs. We strive to be cognizant of your organization’s culture and any prior training experiences, so that you get the most out of our training. Developing courses, capabilities, and technology is critical to creating a program that will meet, adjust and adapt with our customer’s future needs. We use many different methods to create a productive learning experience for every Anderson Investigative Associates’ student.

Based on needs, our programs can be developed for one to four days of training, with the majority being two to three days in length.  The longer the program the more interactive exercises and scenarios can be included in the training.  The best method to identify the right fit for your company is to have your training personnel discuss your status and needs with our experts.

Some of our Subject Matter Offerings:

Orientation to Advanced Techniques

Planning Law Enforcement Interviews

Special Interview Considerations for IG Investigations

Advanced Evidence Presentations/Theme Presentations

Handling Denials

Interviewing with Attorneys Present

Recorded Interviews

Question Types to Elicit Admissions

Obtaining a Detailed Written Statement

Behavioral Baselines and Analyzing Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviors

Case Presentations

Countering Interviewee Questions

Emerging Trends in Interviewing

Strength and Weakness Forum for Interviews

Employee Misconduct Investigations

Theories and Methods of Interrogation

Advanced Rapport Strategies

Subject Elimination Interviews

Interrogation Case Study

Modern Leadership Trends

Human Resources Interviewing

Physical Security Plans

Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments

Surveillance Inspections

Industrial Safety Topics

Contract Oversight

Please contact us with your training goals and let us setup targeted professional development for your team!

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