Good Communication is Essential

Good communication is essential across the board in life.  Some of these skills and our comfort with them have waned in the wake of COVID-19.  The need for effective communication applies at work, but any relationship benefits from well-thought out, executed communication. We also know from the world of interviewing that consistency and credibility are essential to optimize results.  This applies to our style and intent of communication.

Out of all the skill-sets that are necessary to be a success, communication may be the most important. Think about it. Communication is the only way for us to share concepts, ideas, feelings, or plans. It’s the only way we can tell others about ourselves. If you own a business, it’s the only way to attract the attention of new customers and keep the attention of current customers. Since customers mean sales and sales mean profits, communication is actually currency. In other words, the manner in which you communicate is directly related to how much money you make. That is a powerful thought.

If communication is related to financial success, then it stands to reason that only good communication skills have value. Therefore, if one of your goals is financial success, you need to take the time to hone your communication skills and develop the most effective way to talk to your customer base. One of the best places to start this process is with an ingrained follow up skill set.

Does it apply in the arenas of auditing, investigating, and interviewing?  Absolutely, it may not translate to money, but it is the currency of success and results.  It is key to development of rapport and the execution of persuasion essential in interviewing. It is essential to well-executed audits and investigations through interaction with stakeholders and decision makers.

This follow up is nothing more than showing the people who you communicate with that they matter to you. How do you do that? Simply by initiating, dealing with and returning any communications you receive in a timely manner. If someone leaves you a phone message, get back to them as soon as you’re able. If you get an e-mail inquiry or complaint, respond to it promptly. If you receive a text asking a question, answer it right away.  Procrastination can have very negative consequences.

When you respond to people quickly, it makes them feel like they matter. This increases the opinion they have of you and your business. The effect of this is an increase in trust and credibility. This is not just a “feel good” side benefit of being polite. The opinion of you and your business is an important, perhaps the most important, component of your reputation.

When you have a good reputation, you’ll find more opportunities knocking on your door. You’ll attract more customers. You’ll get more repeat business from the customers you have. You’ll see greater numbers of joint ventures and partnership offers being proposed. In short, you’re the strength of your reputation. What helped build that good reputation? It was your excellent communication skills built around a program of prompt follow up to all received and initiated communications. Success is achievable when you communicate efficiently and effectively. So, start communicating and following up and watch those positive benefits start coming your way.

Over my career in investigations and auditing, I have witnessed many colleagues and supervisors whose communication skills were sub par or very distant.  This translated into questions about their commitment, involvement, and care. Without effective communication skills and care, I believe we are at best, mediocre.  Lack of these skills negatively affects every aspect of your lives, especially our work.  The result will be less success and less support.  You will wonder why people are not coming along side of you.  It will zap your strength.

When it comes to accomplishing goals and positive interview results have you thought about whether you are an effective communicator who follows up or not? Or do you care about this enough (see last week’s blog on having passion)?  Do you plan for opportunities for good communication with individuals you are investigating and auditing, with other organizations you interact with, with stakeholders, or with decision makers?  If not, why not? 

Anderson Investigative Associates is positioned to custom-tailor training to your specific needs.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the above issues of effective communication and follow up or any training need, please reach out.  Additional issues pertaining to interviewing, auditing, and investigations can be found in other blogs and videos that I have produced and are contained in most blocks of instruction that our company presents.

If you have additional questions, comments, or have an interviewing topic you would like me to address, give me a shout.  In the meantime, be well, stay safe out there, and start planning for effective communication and necessary follow up.

Mark A. Anderson

Director of Training and Development

Anderson Investigative Associates, llc

114 Loucks Avenue

Scottdale, PA 15683