Mark Anderson is a vibrant, entertaining, engaging and knowledgeable speaker. The Jacksonville ACFE has had Mark speak at many of our engagements over the past few years. His style which includes stories, videos and audio clips to demonstrate points keeps the audience involved and leaves them wanting more no matter the length of the event. Feedback from past attendees regarding Mark’s specific participation in our events include:

  • Engaging. Masterful: Knows the material inside out, speaks like you’re not an audience but a friend but tends to use the same materials for “different’ presentations. Obviously loves doing this work and likes being around people.
  • We should get him again, and encourage the IIA to do the same.
  • Best ever
  • Excellent

Personally, I have learned a lot from Mark whether it applies to my family or work life. Mark is good person who enjoys people and it is always a pleasure when we get to spend time with him.

I highly recommend Mark for your next training event as a keynote, all-day or just to fill an hour or so. He will not disappoint!

Andrea Valentin VP Prepaid FIU at FSV Payment Systems (US Bank) November 2, 2016

I first met Mark in 2013 while teaching for the Inspector General Criminal Investigator Academy. Since that time we have taught together at the Association of Inspectors General Institutes. Mark has a myriad of law enforcement and public corruption investigation experience accumulated over many years that make him one of the highest rated instructors at the AIG Institutes. It is instructors of this caliber that help make the CIGI certification so valuable. I consider myself fortunate to count Mark as a colleague and friend.

Stephen Street Louisiana State Inspector General November 7, 2016

During Mark’s tenure at the IG Academy, he managed or contributed significantly to the delivery of a majority of our training programs. Mark’s expertise in investigative interviewing sets him apart. Mark is an outstanding and enthusiastic instructor who often received very favorable comments on his instruction and classroom management from both students and colleagues. One student raved, “More of Mark Anderson! He was awesome!” Mark deserves significant credit for the fact that 99% of IGCIA students agreed that the material learned would improve their job performance, and 99.65% rated the quality of instruction positively (Outstanding, Excellent or Good).

Mark is extremely mission-focused, with excellent customer service skills, and he always displays passion for his work. Mark was a tremendous asset to the IGCIA staff, and it was an extreme pleasure to work with him

Angela Hrdlicka Independent Management, Security and Law Enforcement Consultant; Evernote Certified Consultant November 2, 2016

Mark is without question one of the most technically qualified, knowledgeable, and dynamic trainers in the field of interviewing I have ever witnessed. As a certified trainer with nearly three decades of experience as an investigator, he possesses the hands on skill-set to present interviewing techniques in the most proficient and educational way thereby allowing the students to gain invaluable knowledge. Mark brings together adult learning methodologies that ensures each student leaves his training with practical and useful interviewing skills. Mark is one of the most qualified people to teach the wide range from basic to advance interviewing practices.

Tom Caulfield COO, Procurement Integrity Consulting Services November 2, 2016

I am the Exec. Director of the Assoc. of Inspectors General. Twice a year, the Association sponsors the Inspector General Institute, a comprehensive 5 day training and certification course, which is attended by over 100 inspectors general, investigators and auditors.

For the last 2 years Mark has been an instructor in our investigator course teaching interviewing and interrogation techniques. He teaches for a full day of 8 hours.

Our instructors are evaluated by the students who attend the Institute on a scale of 1 to 5. Mark has consistently received evaluations with an average score exceeding 4.5. He has been universally well received. He is an expert in his field and he delivers his lectures in an highly engaging, energetic and interactive way. He is certainly one of the highlights for our investigators during the week of training.

Moreover, Mark is very personal, easy to work with. I strongly recommend him in any topic related to investigative techniques, and would be glad to speak to anyone who wanted to know more about the Association’s experience with Mark. It is all very positive

Philip Zisman John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Department of Public Management November 2, 2016

I attended a training conducted by Mark regarding Ethics and Advanced Interviewing. By far, one of the best trainings I have received. Mark was engaging and knowledgeable on these issues. If you require investigations, interrogations, or interviewing training (to name a few) for your organization, I would highly recommend you contact Mark – immediately.

Julie Holladay Investigator at TriCenturion November 2, 2016

Mr. Anderson is among one of the finest law enforcement instructors that I have met in my career. His passion for teaching law enforcement officers, especially new officers and investigators, is unmatched.

Mr. Anderson’s expertise in law enforcement interviewing and interrogation is among the most highly regarded in the Federal Inspector General community. In addition to training federal criminal investigators, Mr. Anderson has trained hundreds of auditors, inspectors, evaluators, and other Inspector General professionals in local, state, and federal agencies.

Mr. Anderson is uniquely qualified to develop and deliver interviewing and interrogation training to new and experienced criminal investigators, administrative investigators, auditors, inspectors, evaluators and other professionals charged with oversight, investigative, and law enforcement duties. I am confident that he will continue to serve with integrity, respect, and an unrelenting commitment to excellence

Robert Ray Director, Inspector General Criminal Investigator Academy November 2, 2016