Anderson Investigative Associates (AIA) provides professional development to diverse client organizations in the realm of Interview and Investigative Techniques. With over 32 year of experience in Investigative Techniques, our company leadership has learned how to adapt proven techniques for many scenarios. From Human Resources to Law Enforcement, our training programs are proven effective.

AIA is going to find the best instructor possible for your training needs. We work with proven professionals in the law enforcement, investigative, audit, inspection, and communications field. We utilize individuals with federal, state, and local government experience, as well as, individuals in the private sector. These instructors are recognized as subject matter experts, who also communicate at a level to benefit each student that attends.

AIA is directed by Cathy L. Anderson, President and CEO who has command of all administrative functions of AIA. She in concert with the Director of Training, Mark A. Anderson, who is a long tenured instructor and program manager would be selecting the team that would be meeting your training needs.
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