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Qualified, knowledgeable, and dynamic trainer

Mark is without question one of the most technically qualified, knowledgeable, and dynamic trainers in the field of interviewing I have ever witnessed. As a certified trainer with nearly three decades of experience as an investigator, he possesses the hands on skill-set to present interviewing techniques in the most proficient and educational way < READ MORE >

Tom Caulfield COO, Procurement Integrity Consulting Services

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Interview & Investigative Training for Today

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small urban police department, interviewing techniques are crucial to your organization’s success. Anderson Investigative Associates (AIA) can provide state of the art training designed to fit your organization’s needs, while incorporating the tenets necessary to generate success. We have 30 plus years of investigative, interviewing, and training experience in the federal, state, and private sector to facilitate the production of training best suited for your organization.

We at AIA will insure that our training is current and using modern methods and developments, while keeping costs reasonable. We recognize the diversity of training requirements for the corporate, audit, inspection, evaluation, law enforcement and investigative communities which is why we provide customized and interactive workshops.

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Human Resources Training
We provide training in practical methods to maximize the quality of information obtained during job interviews, promotional interviews and background investigations.
Investigation Training
We have the capability to provide you customized and specific interview and interrogation training that focuses on the totality of the interview and how to maximize the information obtained and the quality of that information.

Audit, Inspection, Evaluations Training
We will custom fit that training to your organization’s perceived shortcomings or to hone those skills already present, but that could produce more complete results.
Leadership and Communications Training
AIA provides training in quality, practical methods to increase and improve communication, and/or institute tenets of good leadership skills