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Effective Interviewing: What about Interview Room Set Up?

Sometimes we have to do things we are not always comfortable with.  Hey, really that’s just life. This topic may seem elementary to the interview dynamic, but from training and research we see novices and experienced interviewers not doing what is best, and they have plenty of

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Training the New Generation of Investigators

Mark A. Anderson Director of Training and Development Anderson Investigative Associates   Why more training? How is interviewing changing?  What is different now than it was 20 years ago?  How does that affect our ability to be prepared for interactions in the interview suite? These are all

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Effective Interviewing: What about Interview Planning?

Planning is essential in so many areas of life, although it is often neglected.  Just last week, my family had the opportunity to plan for the arrival of Hurricane Matthew and a month before that for Hurricane Hermenes.  We attempted to focus on eventualities so that we

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What are You Willing to Give? The Law of Reciprocity

“There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one’s life: Reciprocity.” –Confucius   “The basis of social relationships is reciprocity: if you cooperate with others, others will cooperate with you.” –Carroll Quigley   “Always go to other people’s funerals; otherwise they

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Technology and Interviewing: Encountering the Electronic Age in Human Interaction

“Cell phones, mobile e-mail, and all the other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity.” –Robin S. Sharma “Men have become the tools of their tools.” — Henry David Thoreau   Is interviewing part of your job or of

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The Power of a Thank You: Using Soft Language in the Interview

“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” What, “thank you” in an interview? Are you crazy? That isn’t how they do it on television. Why would you do that with someone that is an adversary? Well, first of all, if you

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Interview Training, Are you Kidding? Who me?

Do we need more interview training, or once we have been trained up, is that enough? There are numerous organizations that believe once you have that requisite basic interview training, you are good to go for a career of interviewing. Research clearly shows that this couldn’t be

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Deception and the Telephone; How do we Detect it?

“Without visual cues, detecting deception is difficult, but not impossible. We must listen better.” Detecting Deception over the Telephone When completing interviews in investigations, audits, and inspections, in-person interviews are, without question, the most revealing and effective method, allowing the interviewer to create quality rapport, ask questions

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An Aggressive Prevention Approach to Deter Fraud

By: Mark A. Anderson, Director of Training Anderson Investigative Associates It has been a common occurrence in recent years when audit firms have certified organizations as healthy, only to have major problems exposed shortly thereafter with those companies. These acts have resulted in liability settlements for millions

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Questions Posed During Interviews: “The Time/Responsibility Continuum”

Answering Questions Posed During Interviews: “The Time/Responsibility Continuum” Mark A. Anderson Anderson Investigative Associates In the multitude of interviews that we complete as interviewers (investigators, auditors, inspectors, or human resource professionals, etc), one would think that interviewees don’t know we are the ones asking the questions and

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